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SIBS – So Important Brothers and Sisters – Weekend

Our SIBS Weekend is held in February and is for any brother or sister of a sibling who has or has had cancer and attended our camp. The free weekend takes place in the winter and offers a retreat for those siblings - with the weekend being “all about them!” (So much attention is given to the brother or sister with cancer, so we are excited we can offer them a special weekend of spoiling and having fun!) A session is held with a psychologist in case there are any children who need to air any emotions – all in a safe environment. Snow sledding, art projects, and winter Olympics are on the agenda….all contributing for a magical weekend.


MOM’s – Makers of Miracles – Retreat

This free weekend takes place in October and is for moms of children with cancer who attend our camp. This weekend is all about spoiling the moms with good food and spa treatments. In addition to the spoiling of the moms, we offer a psychologist led discussion session with the moms. We are excited to offer this weekend as a retreat allowing the moms to give support for each other and to make friends for a lifetime.






DAD's Work Weekend

The DAD's of the kids who attend our oncology camp want to "give back," so we offer a weekend just for them. This weekend allows them the opportunity to "build" something for the camp, and to also share any feelings or emotions they may experience in having a child with cancer! In the past a stage area at the campfire site was built giving the kids a great performing area.